Torchbearers hold a Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

The Torchbearers Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Taskforce held a 6-hr workshop on March 31st facilitated by Daniel Juday. Mr. Juday’s Columbus-based business, Daniel Juday LLC, specializes in facilitating conversations that mitigate bias, grow connections, and help organizations build sustainable inclusion. Daniel is a certified Diversity Professional through the National Diversity Council, and a former Director of the Ohio & Indiana Diversity Council.

The workshop was held at WhiteSpace in Akron, and was broken into two sessions covering five topics: 1) The Power of Authentic Relationships, 2) Meaningful Member Engagement, 3) Creating a Brand Story, 4) Crafting a Diversity Statement and 5) Curating a Pipeline. With Daniel’s help, Torchbearers were able to identify defining words that capture our organization and utilize them as a foundation for crafting a diversity statement, which is on track to be completed later this year.

In these sessions, Daniel facilitated conversation about how inclusion exists at the intersection of two spheres—the space where a given member believes in Torchbearers and where Torchbearers believes in that given member. Trust in one’s organization requires that the organization have a compelling vision, clear communication, consistent interactions, collaborative leadership and is open to critical feedback. We also discussed the Overview Effect – an overwhelming desire to collaborate, often felt by astronauts who see the Earth from space. Using the Overview Effect, we can get in the right state of mind for thinking about relationships and the value of diverse interactions.

Overall, this D&I workshop offered invaluable information and was another incredible experience to further foster leadership development. Torchbearers is very thankful to Mr. Juday for taking the time to meet with us and Keeven White for allowing us to meet at WhiteSpace!