Thank you and best wishes, Mark Scheffler!

“There’s a defining element of Akron leadership that sets us apart from other places, and it’s one that both Torchbearers and Leadership Akron help to create. More than anywhere else that I know, leaders in Akron seem to be as interested in developing others as they are in advancing their own success.” – Mark Scheffler

As Mark’s tenure as President of Leadership Akron comes to a close, we acknowledge and thank the Torchbearers 2014 Distinguished Alumni award winner for his history of doing exactly that: developing other leaders in Greater Akron.

It is no secret that Torchbearers and Leadership Akron enjoy a strong relationship that continues to grow every year. What is also strong is the friendship between Torchbearers and Mark himself.

Mark is one of the founding members of Torchbearers, and he has made a lasting impact on our organization in a number of ways. He was critical to the development of our first strategic plan, which sparked our Talent Attraction & Retention efforts and later the Edge program. He’s also been a key contributor in the growth of our Leadership & Development curriculum and connected us to many Leadership Akron alumni. Finally, there is no question that Mark has been instrumental in the evolution of the relationship between Torchbearers and Leadership Akron, leading to formal partnership in 2009 and allowing us to fuel leadership in Akron together.

Torchbearers will always be grateful to Mark for his contributions to our growth and success.

Mark, best of wishes on your journey. We hope we’ll still see you cycling around Akron in the future.