TB Takeovers: A day in the life of a Torchbearer

Torchbearers has started TB Takeovers – a series of guest content creators taking over the @tb_akron Instagram account. Instagram is a great tool for storytelling, as well as the most-used social media platform for engaging with our target membership.

A TB Takeover consists of a member or alumni showing off what a day in their life is like through the use of Instagram Stories. Takeovers are being scheduled on days of committee meetings, Leadership and Development sessions, returning member programs, GMMs, social events, and volunteer opportunities. Scheduling on these days allows members and prospective members to get a glimpse into the life of a TB, or maybe a different perspective on a committee they have not explored.

Members running takeovers are asked to broadcast to their own social networks, encouraging friends to follow @tb_akron on Instagram to see them in action. So far, with just three takeovers under our belt, we’ve seen a large number of new followers and increased engagement with the account. We are also taking pride in telling the story of our membership, which is the heart of our larger TB story.

If you are a current member or alumni who would like to take over the Instagram account, please contact Marketing and Communications Co-Chair, Meghan Meeker at meghanmeeker@gmail.com.

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