Reflections from a First Year Torchbearer

By Ryan Crocker

How much can you fit in a year? I didn’t begin 2016 with this question, but as I look back on the year and all that we did as Torchbearers Class of 2016, I am incredibly grateful.

A hallmark of your first year in Torchbearers is the Leadership & Development training designed to improve self-awareness and enhance leadership ability. In these weekend and evening sessions we dove into personality and strengths assessments which led into discovering how to collaborate as individuals and civic organizations to improve an entire community.

I think that distinctive element of Torchbearers is the number of community influencers who are passionate about Akron. Through the application and interview process, each class has become increasingly diverse so the membership now reflects a committed group of change-oriented leaders from a wide array of industries and backgrounds.

Lastly, the amount of time and effort Torchbearers put into volunteering and serving Akron (see above) is phenomenal. With so many great organizations already working to grow and improve Akron, it was great to work together on this goal.

-Ryan Crocker, Class of 2016

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