Passing the Torch: From One President to Another

By Michael Wilson

I first met Nicole through Torchbearers, and five years later, she has grown to become one of my very best friends. Seeing her passion and dedication towards the amazing city that we call home has been an inspiration, and she’s not alone. She has led the entire organization that is full of passionate and driven members to new heights throughout her time in Torchbearers. One attribute of Nicole’s that I hope to emulate is her role as a community connector. Nicole’s contact list is endless, and she is always ready and willing to help connect you to someone who might assist in furthering a project or idea.

Among the many quality traits that Nicole possesses, her humor and positivity are two that I have come to admire most. She always takes a genuine interest in people, in learning about what’s going on in a person’s life. Whether she remembers a recent vacation you’ve taken or the names and ages of all of your children, Nicole remembers.

Nicole has paved the way for a strong and prosperous future for Torchbearers. In 2016, we reviewed processes and procedures that will help make it a more sustainable organization in the future. With its one-year term limits and a new and exciting class of members joining each year, Torchbearers moves at a frenetic pace. This foundation that Nicole helped to create has set us up for even more success in the years to come.

As president in 2017, I can only hope to live up to the many talents and strengths that Nicole and previous Presidents have shown through their time in Torchbearers. I plan to guide Torchbearers forward by helping to make critical and impactful decisions that will help keep the organization moving forward and on the right path.

Additionally, I hope to shine light on our talented members and quickly-growing alumni base. Each year, the application process for new members gets more and more competitive. The class of 2017 is no different, and I feel like the new class breathes a breath a fresh air into the organization at the start of each year. To lead an organization of 100+ members who are ready to lead and inspired to serve the Greater Akron community is what I am most excited about for 2017.