My First Year in Torchbearers with Tiffany

In the spring of 2018, I attended a Recruitment Mixer for Torchbearers at the Duck Club in Canal Park. I saw many new and eager faces. We were a group of curious young professionals looking forward to hearing more about the organization and connecting to others. I was intrigued and curious as to where this group of Torchbearers would take me.

Later that spring, I applied and was offered an interview for a spot in the TB class of 2019. By November, I had been accepted into the organization. Even though expectations had been the topic of discussion at events, I still had a lot of trepidation and curiosity about what would be required of me in the year ahead. One of my first big decisions was determining my role in the organization.

Joining a committee wasn’t complicated for me. My goal was to visit each committee’s inaugural meeting, but MarComm became my home right way. It was also the first and only meeting I visited! Another aspect that helped me determine my role was leadership and development courses, which were eye opening! I learned so much about myself, and so much about how I would move forward in my career based on the assessments we had taken individually in our cohort. I realized that I am exactly who I knew I was, but also much more than I thought I could ever be! I’ve had so many wonderful experiences at the events and volunteer opportunities given to the members of this organization and I have met people who are never would have come across otherwise.

The Greater Akron area and its leaders truly support the Torchbearers organization and its reputation is impeccable. I’ve met people who will be lifelong friends and others who serve as role models for our community. I am proud to be a part of this word in this organization and I could not ask for a better first year experience. I am grateful for those who have helped me become a better leader and I look forward to the next chapter.