Why should I become a member of Torchbearers?

Torchbearers is made up of civically-minded professionals that share a passion for Akron.  Members of Torchbearers form personal and professional bonds with like-minded peers. Members are able to expand their networks by meeting fellow members, leaders of local organizations, and the community at-large.

How do Torchbearers give back to the community?

Members participate in service volunteer opportunities throughout the year to leave a positive impact on the community.  Volunteer events are open to members throughout the year. These opportunities not only help the community, but they are also fun.

How will I develop professionally through Torchbearers?

First-year members engage in a leadership and development curriculum that includes 6 workshops throughout the year to better understand their top leadership qualities and how to cultivate these strengths.  In addition to first-year workshops, other programming is curated for the entire body of the organization throughout the year.

Who can apply for Torchbearers and what are the requirements?

Anyone between the ages of 25 and 39 years with a long-term commitment to the Greater Akron Community can apply to become a new Torchbearer member. New members are required to attend all first-year leadership development trainings, and demonstrate active membership by attending events and staying involved with a Torchbearers committee. Members are required to pay annual dues; the cost is $350 for first year members.

What is the application process?

After applying, the applications are reviewed and scored by the Torchbearers Membership Committee. The top 72 applicants will then have an interview in August with 3 current Torchbearers members. This interview provides additional background information on the application and their application. The new class consists of approximately 40 individuals and 2 alternates. The alternates will be moved into the current class if an opening arises, otherwise they will be accepted into the following years class automatically.

When do applications open?

Applications for the following year open each Spring and close June 1.