First-Year Member L&D Session: Leading through Strengths

REACH Opportunity Center 390 W. Crosier St, Akron, Ohio
Hybrid Hybrid Event

This session will utilize the CliftonStrengths assessment to help first year members better understand the unique combination of Strengths they bring through their leadership and how they can leverage the Strengths of others for maximum effectiveness.

First-Year Member L&D Session: Leading Change

Hybrid Hybrid Event

First year members will understand basic principles of change and the strengths and motivation they have to help lead through change. They will also discuss how to positively influence and remain flexible in times of change.

First-Year Member Session: Capstone

Hybrid Hybrid Event

Based upon the previous sessions and also the culmination of broad experiences through one year of TB involvement, first year members will do a SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results) analysis and develop and present new ideas for greater community impact through Torchbearers. This session will be held in greater collaboration with the Community Impact […]